SIDEKICK audio bluetooth transmitter Red Fox Wireless Foxbox Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The SIDEKICK turns your favorite device into a Bluetooth-powered audio machine. Plug it into you old iPod, MP3 player, radio, TV, treadmill or other non-Bluetooth device with a 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy wireless audio with your EDGE Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone.

Bluetooth wireless speaker with great volume, Features hands free calling. Rechargeable battery, built in microphone and touch screen buttons. Great for everything from outdoor activities to conference calls in the office.

Bicep Sport Sleeve EDGE Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with Custom EVA Case
Red Fox BICEP Sports Sleeve
Regular Price: $19.99

The Red Fox SPORTS SLEEVE is one of our customers' favorite accessories! The Sports Sleeve is perfect for runners, bikers or other "movers and shakers" for whom running with phone, MP3, keys and/or wallet is desired but a traditional fanny pack is not.

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset with built in controls for your music and phone. Built in speaker lets you enjoy hands free calling. Unique design means the EDGE will not fall off. Protect your EDGE with this custom EVA case.

Freedom from Wires

Imagine riding down an aggressive mountain bike trail, happily listening to your MP3 audio player, when your headphone wire snags a tree branch and you're thrown into a serious crash. This type of accident was what initially gave birth to the concept that eventually evolved into the creation of Red Fox Wireless™.

Anyone who uses a personal listening device with wired headphones or ear buds knows how inconvenient they can be – tangling, twisting and tethering you to your gadget, often getting caught or pulled apart and breaking. When you go wireless with our no wire headphones you're given instant freedom from all this. Wire-free stereo headphones, specially designed sport headphones and Bluetooth audio hookups make it convenient and comfortable for mobile listening. We also offer wirefree speakers and no wire headphones for Android and iPhones.

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