> Bridgett Howard

Profession: Marketing, Jackson Kayak & Orion Coolers. Kayak Angler

My Story: A permanent passion for fishing and adventure was born from a farm creek in upstate New York and the rivers of southern Pennsylvania. Someone had to catch hellgrammites and bait from the river, and growing up, that someone was me! Ultimately I got to join in on the fishing - and simply never stopped.

After moving to Tennessee, I saw a kayak in a gas station giveaway. With a relatively small initial investment, I could get off the bank and onto the fish - what a novel notion! This sport was accessible to *everyone*! I purchased my first kayak, took a lot of photos and started writing about it. I went to the NMMA Nashville Boat Show in 2013 to listen to the fishing seminars, met an incredible mentor and have since unlocked the secrets of landing *big* fish.

On my drive across five counties, I have my ROVER blasting the likes of Blackmill, Foster The People, MGMT, Wax Tailor, Bonobo, Gramatik, Gotan Project, Gipsy Kings, Perry Como, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Hall & Oates and Three Dog Night for the duration. I carry my tunes with me most everywhere I go - my ROVER is usually either attached to my hip, kayak, or cooler.

I live to ignite dormant passions and invite people to revisit places they may have otherwise forgotten or never discovered. Paddling, angling, writing, designing and engaging create a perfect platform for encouraging others to embrace, protect and share the resources we crave, breathe and love.

If I can do this, anyone can!