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Bike crash leads to new business

It was a beautiful autumn day and I was out shredding my favorite trail in Colorado Springs. During a fast descent, my headphone wires came out and tangled in my front wheel. All I remember was waking up on the side of the trail...my bike about 30 feet away. My focus had shifted from the ride to the problem with the loose wires. Approaching a large jump, I was thrown over the handle bars. Landing on my back, the impact knocked me out and busted the rear frame of my bike.

After the crash, my mission was to make music and life with my phone easy, safe and most importantly wire free.

As a team, our time is spent understanding our consumer, their lifestyle and use for their devices. Then we create. Developing well-crafted products with real world function. Our innovation and quality is sure to satisfy today’s most discerning consumer.

We did not start Red Fox to be another audio company, but rather a solution company. Once you experience your life with one of our devices, you’ll never go back to wires again.

Josh Cates

Co-Founder & CEO

Mission Statement

To enhance the experience of your active lifestyle and adventurous spirit with wireless audio technology that allows you to ditch the wires and Live Life Free.

Why Us? Why Now?

The catalyst for Red Fox came when our Co-Founder, Josh Cates, suffered a serious mountain bike crash after his wired headphones fell out and tangled in his front wheel. Thus began a search for a better AND WIRELESS way to enjoy his music. Red Fox was born out of a need in the market for quality, safe wireless products and gear.

The Problem

Wired headphones prevent freedom of motion. They tangle, break, fall out, catch, and are generally a frustration to the user. In addition, carrying and using a phone or other audio device, like an iPod, isn't always comfortable or convenient.

The Red Fox Solution

Our wireless headphones eliminate the need to be tethered to your devices. Developing specially-designed cases and sleeves for today's most popular phones allow you to safely and easily carry your phone, iPod, keys, cards, cash, and gels. Creating products that adapt to your changing lifestyle, like our ROVER Mountable Speaker with multi-mount system means we've got you covered for whatever Bluetooth solutions you need.

Who is Red Fox

Red Fox is a passionate team of entrepreneurs, designers, and athletes. We design and develop premium, wireless Bluetooth headphones, speakers, phone pockets, phone sleeves, Bluetooth adaptors, and audio gear accessories. We take the burden out of trying to find audio technology that is compatible to your busy lifestyle. Our quality products incorporate a wide range of features to help you outfox the competition and live life WIRE-FREE.