> Robert Field

Profession: Pro Angler

My Story: As the owner of YakFish TV, V.P. of Manley Rods and President of the Kayak Bass Series, Robert's life revolves around fishing. He has quickly earned a name for himself in the sport of kayak fishing through his video work, where he shares his adventures chasing a wide variety of fish from his kayak. Born in London, raised in Venezuela, and now living in Dallas, TX, Robert became accustomed to leaving his comfort zone at a young age. That same trend applies to his fishing career, where he focuses on chasing unusual fish in unfamiliar waters. Whether it's stalking redfish on the Gulf coast, chasing kingfish and sailfish offshore, or wrestling with bizarre species like alligator gar in central Texas, Robert is continually tackling new challenges and sharing new styles of fishing with his audience. Robert uses his waterproof Rover to get in the zone while searching for his next catch, and even uses it to call the fish in with various soundtracks that mimic the sound of feeding aquatic predators.

Robert has won back-to-back awards for Video of the Year in the Kayak Angler's Choice Awards and millions have watched his videos on YouTube.