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Sidekick Wireless Audio Transmitter

To achieve hands free audio listening while using a device that's not Bluetooth enabled you only need to attach the RedFox™ Sidekick Bluetooth transmitter and you'll be ready to go wireless. Hook up your Bluetooth music transmitter to a variety of devices including your computer, cellphone, television, personal audio player or treadmill. Slip on a set of our awesome EDGE wireless headphones and have access to the rich, powerful sounds you want whether at home or on the go.

The Red Fox™ Bluetooth adapter is compact and easy to connect to your sound source, with everything you need connect to any 3.5 mm plug on the device. It's the ideal Bluetooth transmitter for iPod users who choose to go wire-free. If you can plug in ear buds, you can plug in the Red Fox Sidekick Bluetooth transmitter.

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SIDEKICK audio bluetooth transmitter

The SIDEKICK turns your favorite device into a Bluetooth-powered audio machine. Plug it into you old iPod, MP3 player, radio, TV, treadmill or other non-Bluetooth device with a 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy wireless audio with your EDGE Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone.