> Brand Ambassador Justin Borton

Every year Justin watched his father cross the finish line of the NYC marathon in Central Park, which was just a subway ride away from their brownstone apartment. He spent his school vacations playing in the corn rows of Iowa where his mother had made her home. After a raucous but short lived music career, Justin settled in the Bay Area of California and began a family and career in technology sales.

If you're looking for Justin during his free time, check the pristine trails of Northern California. From 7000’ alpine climbs in the Sierras to the rolling hills of the Pacific Coast, Justin loves trail running! Single track, mountain trails are unforgiving, and a fast descent means one little distraction and you’re eating dirt. Justin uses his Redfox Edge wireless headphones to keep him motivated with music, podcasts and audiobooks, keep in touch with his wife and 3 girls when out training, and keep safe with a zero distraction perfect fit headset! What I have playing on my Red Fox EDGE headset: A Comedy Podcast or some East Coast Rap from the 90’s! “Brooklyn-Zoo!”